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Internet has become more of a habit than utility and every single day we find ourselves staring at our monitor screens for extended hours. STOP.PK is here to make your Internet experience all that beautiful and fruitful. It is an improved Internet Lifestyle which not only provides you entertainment but also give you means to earn a regular monthly pocket money. Below are the details of some of the things you would love to engage yourself into.

Show your True Colors!

No two people in the world are same, so are you. Why should your profile page be like thousand others? At STOP.PK, you get a unique profile page to express yourself the Way You want and all of that in only few mouse clicks. So come on, spice up your profile with images, pictures, colors, fonts, sound, music, flash animations and videos. You can control almost everything of all parts of your page. Only limitation is your own imagination so think creative and show the world your true colors.

New Friendships and Reunions

Find new Friends or Connect with the lost ones. You can search for them in so many ways from common interests to schools they attended or from eating habits to companies they worked for. In any way, our extremely user-friendly search system will place you on top of your searches. You would have loads of options to save and filter your searches, getting notifications on email and making the first move by sending a friendly invitation or flirting with a crush.

Food for Eyes, Ears and Soul

We bring you the best Pakistani place to upload and share Poetry, Naats, Qirats, Speeches, voice messages, Songs, flash animations, Videos, Dramas, Movies, and much more. So sit back and relax while our media player is playing your favorite play-list or STOP.PK’s top/random play-list.

Wake up the Star in you!

Put on that feel good hat, face the camera, have a real photo shoot and then do it all over again. Upload and share unlimited pictures to let the admirers choose you as the next fashion icon.

Voice Your Opinion!

Participate in the Polls to have your voice heard or create your own polls to have feedback from other users. Start a discussion in the forums on any topic of your choice or start discussing on an existing topic. Document your personal experiences in the blogs and let others know how do you eel and react about the life and things related to it.

Connect with Like-minded members

Create your own mini-stops (a.k.a. communities) to bring together like-minded people or join existing communities. Each stop gets its own user galleries and forums.

Entertainment Lobby & Mind Games!

Play on-line games, beat top scorers, organize tournaments and challenge your friends. Put on a little smile on your face by looking at the fun items or have the world laughing out loudly by submitting a super funny picture, animation or video. Play a mind game with your friends and others by creating a brainteaser interactive quiz and let it test their general knowledge or personal knowledge about you.

Announce to the World

Never miss out on any more event or occasion. Announce your events and invite others to join your event. You can also accept invitations or request to join events created by others.

Community based Marketplace!

Leverage the power of an ever-growing social network to get a significant boost in your sales. Buy or Sell mobiles, wheels, computers, house, etc… You can advertise anything and everything.

Earn Your Pocket Money!

We are not like other sites that suck money out of your time and money spent on their sites. We will be sharing our advertising revenue with our members. Make money by doing things you love to do like making new friends, sharing jokes, recipes, pictures, songs, videos, playing games, posting comments, participating in forums, creating communities, polls, quizzes, etc… Collect cash points by doing any activity on the site and buy real things in our marketplace or convert them for real cash.

Communicate any way you want.

Chat Live using text like mIRC, or using a Mic, and a Web Cam with other members, create your own chat rooms, keep connected with your friends through feature rich instant messenger much like yahoo, msn, gmail and communicate with full privacy through the personal messaging system.

There are going to be so many more things in future that we can not list them all here. You get to see them to believe them. We hope you will enjoy your stay over here with us.

Please join-in!