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Arcade Games

Da Numba

Total Plays: 135
Find the best combo to add up the 'Da Numba' and clear the board

Acid Factory

Average Rating: 4.00
Total Plays: 139
Help Harry escape the horrors of his acid-flooded factory.

Fast Car Frenzy

Total Plays: 198
Be the best to reach the top!

Golf Ace

Total Plays: 103
Choose your opponent and tee up for 9 holes of challenging golf.

Generic Defense Game

Total Plays: 146
It’s a survival shooter, a turret defense game, it’s so generic it’s unique!
This bad-boy gives you 8 different games in one, with a ton of options to deliver a unique experience every time you play.

Fixed the same-weapon bug and tweeked some settings to make the auto-drones less dominating… hope that helps balance the fun out. Some of the games are easier than others, so you may have to try them all to find your niche ;)
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Air Barons

Total Plays: 160
Shoot down the enemy airships and fighter pilots.

Juggle Trouble

Total Plays: 180
Hone your mouse skills and try to become a master Juggler by hitting targets whilst juggling balls in the air in arcade mode. And once you’ve mastered the art of target hitting, see if you can achieve a high score by playing in free play mode.

Alien Abduction

Total Plays: 155
Abduct people and objects and drop them into the mothership.

Crash Car Combat

Total Plays: 182
Destroy all opponents within the time limit!

Field Goal

Average Rating: 5.00
Total Plays: 232
Kick the ball through the goal posts to complete the levels.