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Ufone Weekly & Jazz Daily+Weekly New SMS Offers
#1 Friday, July 10, 2009 12:30 am
Ufone Weekly & Jazz Daily+Weekly New SMS Offers

Mobilink is planning to launch this daily and weekly Voice and SMS packages for its prepaid customers.

Details are as following

Mobilink SMS Mobilink to Launch Daily and Weekly (SMS + Voice) BundlesAll Prices are exclusive of taxes

-19.5%  FED apply on the above mentioned prices.
-Minutes are for calls to Mobilink only and SMS are for all networks across Pakistan.
-This would be a limited time offer.
-In case of multiple subscriptions, the count of minutes and SMS will be added together and validity will be greater of the two subscriptions.

By the way, all previous SMS bundles are taken back from Mobilink’s website, so apparently, these new bundles will be the only options available to customers.

Note: This information is not official yet.

700 SMS Per Week @ Rs. 8.36: Ufone Life

This is a brilliant package, i must say – the reason i am praising it is because it is a mid level package for those who are casual SMS users. But here is the problem – its only for Life Packages (Life Value, Life Standrad, Life Plus, U Circle Life & U Circle Life Plus), so U-won guys are deprived of this package!

Ufone had monthly and daily SMS package for text lovers, but those were relatively expensive for business people who do not engage with texting that much.

Even if your fingers remain on keypad, most of the times – and you don’t exceed 100 SMS a day limit, just go for it -  It comes for just Rs. 8.36 (Including taxes).

More details are given below

Ufone Weekly SMS Package 700 SMS Per Week @ Rs. 8.36: Ufone Life

How to Subscribe
To subscribe to the SMS package which suits your requirement simply follow the mentioned procedure above in picture.

The package will be active for 7 days. Customer once subscribed will not be required to subscribe again, after 7 days the customer will be automatically re-subscribed if the customer has sufficient balance. For example, if a customer subscribed to Weekly package at 1400 hrs today his/her package will automatically re-subscribe at 1400 after 7 days.

Customer can deactivate the Weekly package at any point before it is auto re-subscribed. To unsubscribe customer will have to SMS “Unsub” to 8066. On successful deactivation customer will receive a confirmation message. The remaining valid free SMS will be available till expiry time even after un-subscription

Upon auto re-subscription of Weekly SMS package all remaining SMS from previous day will not transfer to the next day i.e. remaining SMS will not roll-over.
The weekly sms package only available on all Ufone Life Packages, (Life Value, Life Standrad, Life Plus, U Circle Life & U Circle Life Plus)

-All rates are exclusive of GST.

-These offer do not include Premium SMS OR International SMS.

-19.5% FED on usage and 10% withholding tax at recharge or bill applies.

All times are GMT +5. The time now is 7:44 am.