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Mr. Samar Ali Khan (Architect ) stood up agianst VIP movement of Zulfiqar Mirza at Khy-e-Shamsheer and sent to Darakshan Jail.
#1 Wednesday, June 16, 2010 11:10 pm
Mr. Samar Ali Khan (Architect ) stood up agianst VIP movement of Zulfiqar Mirza at Khy-e-Shamsheer and sent to Darakshan Jail.

Finaly some one had the courage to stand up for their rights and teach these power hungry asses to not push us to our limit so you may not be able to come outside at all to enjoy your vip movement.

Meet Mr. Samar Ali Khan who is an Architect by profession and activist by nature. We are proud of you Mr. Samar Ali Khan for standing up against VIP Movement of Zulfiqar Mirza at Khy-e-Shamsheer. And may this case ignites a movement against the vip movement in Pakistan and teach these power hungry morons to respect others.

reminds me of a parody i wrote a while earlier.

Yeh kiss kuttey billay ki aamad hay

Key traffic jam hey!

Here's my salute to you Mr. Samar Ali Khan. And please be sure that we are with you. Let's hope this event as a revolutonary start of the great such events to come.

Details as given by Dr. Awab alvi aka Teeth Mastero (


PROTEST For Release of Samar Ali Khan who was
standing up against VIP movement of Zulfiqar Mirza – Darakshan Police
Station [map] 6pm TODAY

wp-image-8353" height="249" width="246">Last night at 11:30pm Architect
Samar Ali Khan was arrested on Khy-e-Shamsheer for standing up against
the VIP protocol blocking the road for Minister Zulfiqar Ali Mirza.
After dropping a fellow architect home after dinner, Samar was
proceeding home when at Khayban-e-Shamsheer a road block in front of the
house of Minister Zulfiqar Mirza totally irked him, as a very active
member of civil society in Karachi Mr. Samar Ali Khan, stepped out of
his car and voiced his objection, he was able to walk up to the gate,
rang the bell and demanded to speak to the owner [which was Mr. Zulfiqar
Ali Mirza. The police escort immediately started pushing him around,
naturally things got a little infuriated and a tussle broke out. Samar
was arrested and taken to Darakhshan Police Station, where he spent the
night and is being taken to court for a hearing, the family has still to
know what charges have been levied against him

The PPP cadre and Mr Mirza is pushing the news in the media that he
was enraged and out of control attacking, but witnesses say the entire
provocation later was by the minister and his guards. A few people who
met him barely two hours later at the police station say that Samar was
generally ok, no major bruises, a little apologetic to have created all
this fuss in the heat of the moment, but there is no doubt he was in
high spirits

Either way, ever since Mr. Zulfiqar Mirza has moved onto the house on
the main street of Khy-e-Shamsheer two speed breakers have gone up
around his house and a convoy of police escort remains surrounding the
area ready to block off traffic to allow the free unrestricted movement
of the Minister. I personally have been caught up on that street once
too many times and it might be possible that a fuse may have sparked
within Samar to let it all go.

I feel it is a proud moment, for someone in Pakistan to have the
gutts to stand up against this hegemony of VIP movement. Samar Ali
Khan, what you did was right, we are proud of you and may this serve as
an example for others to challenge this idiotic VVIP movement trend so
common of our elected leaders

UPDATE 1: Samar was taken to court
embarrassingly draped under a black cloth, the judge was not there so no
bail hearing, he has been sent back to Jail for another day

UPDATE 2: A Protest has been organized outside
Darakhshan Police Station [map] where
he is being held at 6:00pm today [Jun 16th] Show up in numbers to
protest against this VIP hegemony and support Samar Ali Khan

UPDATE 3: Talked to Samar on phone just now, he was
definitely worried, as he was being treated like a criminal as a black
cloth was being draped over his head – have told him to hold the fort
and keep his hopes up high, pressure needs to be applied to break the
hegemony of Zulfiqar Mirza

#2 Thursday, June 17, 2010 8:43 am

Yeah Pak Police se Allah bachaiye yeah kisi ko nahi chorti sab pr tashadud krti hay.

#3 Thursday, June 17, 2010 9:03 am

i am basically speechless over this event ... if these VIP need such a high protocol than why do they live in the center of the city .... they should all be stationed in a Far barren land so that they dont annoy the public.

one thing that really annoy me is that according to their job descriptions  ... they are the PUBLIC's servants .... and i don’t see no servant like treatment towards them ...

#4 Thursday, June 17, 2010 9:27 am

They actually need to show off their power and superiority over regular citizens.

Did you ever see their prejudice? How they feel rejoiced by putting a green number plate on their vehical and roaming the roads like a king showing off their pathetic dominance over white collard community. They should not come into the city at all, if all they are good at is blocking traffic. 

#5 Thursday, June 17, 2010 9:31 am

They just love VIP protocols,,,,,police protocol thats all.They dont love any Pak Citizen.They are in the centre of the Fortified City ISB to escape of any danger or threat to their lives.

#6 Thursday, June 17, 2010 11:07 am




#7 Thursday, June 17, 2010 12:19 pm

Mateen bhai ... Lathi toh App nay di aun ko ....

agar humari awam Political party ko support kerna Chorday toh yeah sab apni aukat per wapis lout jaye gay .... Aik dafa Complete Bycott keray hum loug Elections ka .... ya Independent Candidates to Vote day ker jitaye .... tab pata chalay ga kay Lathi kis kay Haath main hay

#8 Thursday, June 17, 2010 12:52 pm

humari awam ghafil hu chuki hay

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