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Site Rules, Policies and Penalties
1. General Rules Concerning Whole Site
1.1 Use a single account. We ban all accounts operated by a single user and give no guarantee of keeping the shared/submitted content, safe, through each account. Apart from that, all of the ids get a permanent ban on points store and in most of the cases from accessing the whole site.
1.2 Sharing personal information in public, like emails, phone numbers, home/office address are strictly prohibited. If you want to share this information, please use private message feature to exchange.
1.3 We can disable getting points from any section at any time without any prior notice. It is your own responsibility to keep yourself updated with the latest Activity Chart.
1.4 Site memberships are divided into many categories. There are some membership's categories for the staff and some are for regular users. Each membership has different set of features. Some of them can be upgraded through points but many of them are only be given by staff. For more details please see the current Membership Chart.
1.5 In any case staff decision will always be considered as final. Further more, staff is not answerable to members for any of their actions but if you do think that there has been a biased decision by staff, you can present your case to higher management here.
2. Content Sharing and Discussions Rules
2.1 General Submission Rules across all sections.

2.1.1 Content containing sexually explicit material, or content humiliating Islam, Muslims and Pakistan in any form is strictly prohibited.
2.1.2 Swearing and use of bad language is strictly prohibited.
2.1.3 Humiliating or making fun of other members/staff is strictly prohibited.
2.1.4 Sharing affiliate/referral links to online money making sites are strictly prohibited.
2.1.5 Sharing links of other competitive sites, which includes all other Pakistani social networks/portals, is strictly prohibited.
2.1.6 There are categories defined for each section. While submitting any thing do select the best possible category for your submission or else your submission may get rejected or you may have to face some penalty.
2.1.7 Avoid submitting/sharing duplicate content. Please use the search feature for the section before submitting/sharing anything.
2.1.8 If you are submitting any copy/paste material, make sure you have added the credits (name/link) for the source of that information.
2.1.9 There may be some additional content specific rules for each section. Some of them are provided below while others may be seen on that particular section pages. It is your own responsibility to keep yourself updated with those rules. Ignorance to rules is not any exception and will not help you in case if you have to face any penalty.
2.2 Section Specific Rules: Forums

2.2.1 You can post a maximum of 3 topics in a single hour.
2.2.2 You can post a maximum of 3 topics/day in a single category.
2.2.3 You can post a maximum of 15 topics/day. This also includes stop's forums.
2.2.4 you can bump your topic for once but do not bump it on same day.
2.2.5 Do not give multiple or consecutive replies, i.e., reply to your own reply. It is better to edit your first reply if you have missed anything that important.
2.2.6 Avoid giving irrelevant replies. Do not share/submit junk content for the sake of points.
2.2.7 Avoid giving short replies like “nice”, “thank you”. As this is one of the few things we do check when you purchase anything from the store and reject all the purchases made by points collected with such useless replies.
2.3 Section Specific Rules: Classifieds

2.3.1 You can post as many classifieds as you want for free as long as they are of different products/services.
2.3.2 Please do not add irrelevant images to your classifieds as they will get your classified rejected/deleted.
2.3.3 You can not post classifieds to any kind of online/offline money making opportunity or work from home. If you do this, you will sure get your id demoted/banned in no time.
2.4 Section Specific Rules: Images

2.4.1 You can not post small thumbnail based images. An image must be larger than 600*400 pixels in order to get approved.
2.4.2 Do not upload same image again and again for the sake of point.
2.4.3 You can not post more than 30 images in a single day.
2.4.4 You are not allowed to upload pictures of girls even if she is your girl friend or your friends girl friend or if you have her pictures on your mobile. I am sure, you would not like to see your sister's pictures floating around the net.
2.5 Section Specific Rules: Videos

2.5.1 You can not upload blank or very small useless videos.
2.5.2 Do not upload/share same video again and again for the sake of points.
2.5.3 You can not upload/share more than 30 videos in a single day.
2.6 Section Specific Rules: Songs

2.6.1 You can not upload blank or useless ring tones. Minimum length of an upload should be 60 seconds.
2.6.2 Do not upload/share same audio again and again for the sake of points.
2.6.3 You can not upload/share more than 10 songs in a single day.
2.7 Section Specific Rules: Polls

2.7.1 Do not create polls with a question which has a definite answer. For example, Pakistan kab banna? or Quaid-e-azam kiss city mein paida hovey, are not something you should be asking in a poll. They can make an excellent quiz though.
2.7.2 Do not add same poll again and again. Do not create junk polls.
2.7.3 Do not create more than 10 polls in a single day.
2.8 Section Specific Rules: Quizzes

2.8.1 You can not create more than 10 quizzes in a single day.
2.8.2 Quizzes are questions with a definite answer. Do not ask questions like "which color is best?" in quizzes.
2.8.3 if you are going to create more than one quiz, please make sure that each of your quiz is different and has at least 5 questions in each. If they are of same nature, like if they are related to Pakistan. Then all of them must have all 10 questions added to them. if you do not follow this rule, your quiz may still be approved but you will be facing a points penalty for sure.
2.8.4 Give proper title to your quiz. For example if your quiz is about computer games, give it a title of computer games. If it is about RPG Computer games, give the title RPG computer games. Do not leave it up to user's assumption regarding the nature of the quiz. Thanks!
2.9 Section Specific Rules: Stops

2.9.1 Do not create stops for the sole purpose of spam as all the forum rules apply in stop forums.
2.9.2 Do not fill your stop with junk.
2.10 Section Specific Rules: Games/Arcade

2.10.1 Do not open multiple windows for the sole purpose of submitting scores as each submission is saved with its time/date stamps. And this is also one of the thing we check while approving/rejecting a purchase from the store. If we have found you doing this, not only your purchase will be rejected but you will also face some penalty for sure.
2.10.2 Do not cheat to upload a fake high score. We will reset your high score and ban your access to the arcade. So if you want to enjoy games, don't try to cheat around.
2.11 Section Specific Rules: Events

2.11.1 Do not create events which calls members to gather for something which is against Islam or Pakistan.
2.11.2 Do not create fake events.
2.11.3 Give proper and complete information about the event.
3. Warnings and Penalties
Penalties can be light or severe depending upon the violations of rules. See the violation & Penalties Chart for more details.
3.1 Light penalties can include any or both of the following, and usually a warning is issued with such a penalty.

3.1.1 One rank Demotion
3.1.2 Fewer Points Deduction
3.1.3 Temp Ban from the Store/Bazaar
3.2 Severe penalties are result of severe violations and may not accompany any warning message. Severe penalties can include any or all of followings.

3.2.1 Imprisonment for specific days. (ref to memberships. Hawalatti)
3.2.2 Deduction of all of the points or most of the points.
3.2.3 Ban from Store for extended time period.
3.2.4 Permanent Ban from site.
3.2.5 Banning IP.
4. Rules Concerning Membership Upgrades and Store
4.1 Aam Shehri's can not purchase anything from store by using activity points. They will first have to upgrade their memberships to khaas Shehri or up, to use points in store. They can use their points to get any kind of membership upgrade available to them.
4.2 Membership upgrades instantly upgrades anyone who buys them but if in a routine checkup, we found out that the cash points used to upgrade a member have been obtained by spam or any other inappropriate means, we reserve the rights to demote such user with or without any kind of warning.
4.3 Every membership upgrade has a duration attached to it. That duration can be as few as one day to as much as life time. If you purchase any upgrade which is not for life time, you will get demoted to normal membership after that duration has been completed. However, our system will send you periodic messages/emails about your membership expiry details and will also attempt to auto charge your points account on the expiry date. If failed, you will be demoted to the membership level you had once you signed up with the site. Please note that, this may adversely affect on some of the features like private messages, storage limit, attendance points and accessing different parts of the site.
4.4 Apart from being a khaas shehri (and up) a user

4.4.1 must have at least 3 activity stars.
4.4.2 have been a user of the site from over a week.
4.4.3 have selected/completed at least 10 profile fields of their own choice with proper information.
4.4.4 have an introduction topic in the forum.
4.4.5 have at least one successful submission in polls, quizzes, images and videos sections.
A purchase can remain pending for a maximum of 15 days. If user fulfill all of the above requirements with in 15 days, his purchase may get approved. After 15 days, purchase will get automatically canceled and no refund will be issued for canceled payments.
4.5 When ever a user purchases any thing from the store we do some auto and manual checks (of above steps and more) on user's on-site behavior and how that user has obtained the points to make that purchase. If we found out that a user has gained all the points through spam, using any other inappropriate way to cheat the system or the person is using multiple ids to gain unfair advantage, we reserve the rights to cancel that transaction with or with out any kind of notice. We may further do another investigation on the membership upgrade and may demote that user to lower levels or ban from the store/site on temporary or permanent basis depending upon the violation.
4.6 After you purchase from the store, please wait for at least 72 working hours before starting a support request by contacting concerned person (rashid).
We have 5 days work routine from Monday to Friday - 10:00am to 6:00pm.
It means if you made a purchase on Friday after 6:00pm, you may have to wait till 6:00pm of next Wednesday. (Although we try to approve/deny the transaction before that.)
Once approved, you may get your desired product in next 72 working hours.
To simplify it, please wait for at least a week after your purchase to start any support request or asking any staff member about it.