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Posted June 5, 2010 by urbloodismywine

Asalam-o-Allikum Wa Rehmatullah Wa Barkatu!
Just was wondring that where the whole Umm'ah is going toward why everywhere Muslims are said as Terrorists and Islam is considered as Terrorist Training Center??

even we all knew whatever is popular about Islam now is not Even a Bit Correct....

Islam is the religion of Peace and never accepted Terrorists as Muslims nor Muslims as Terrorists then i thought what are the reasons

yea right i found that there are mistakes and rumers all around the world they are showing the wrong face of Islam

but still if i saw things with optimistic view and considers whole world then you will agree with me that we Muslims are also the reason for whatever is happening

Iqbal describe beautifully the Quranic Verse of Chapter 8 Verse 53 that:  

Khuda nay Ajj tak us Qoom ki Halat nahi Badli

Na ho jisko Khayaal apni halat k badalnay ka

So without any doubt we also have to accept the reality....if other people saying wrong things about us then we are the Reason of that....

if we start doing what Allah said and What Prophet Wants us to then there is no Doubt we will again get the world under our feets...

for that we need to start digging what Allah and his Prophet PBUH wants from us....!

if we saw History we will find that Allah gave average 1000 Years to every nation in which they get to heights and then because of their deeds they starts getting fall...

and look at us its now more then 1400 years as we are the last nation over earth (whether its Muslims people or Non Muslims all belongs to the Last Nation) so now its our time we start making our life as Allah wanted before it gets too late...

and Sun rise from the west....!! we all need to do a Tobbah-tun-Nasooh and ask Allah's forgiveness....!!

May Allah Bless all Muslim Umma'h and also give Hida'ya to the Non Muslims!

Ameen T'um Ameen!

Wasalam-o-Allikum Wa Rehmatullah Wa Barkatu!

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